Sanyal Mahasaya was born in a village named Sadhanpara in the district of Nadia, West Bengal, India. Nadia has given birth to innumerable spiritual personalities including Shrichaitanya Mahaprabhu and our Gurudev Paramahamsa Hariharananda.
At the age of two (2) only he has lost his mother. His elder sister took the role of his mother and took every care. From a very childhood he had a quest for god.
He used to suffer every now and then in his childhood, at times even endangering his life. His health could not retired his education or spiritual practice. In the year 1890 at his age of 13 he had sacred thread ceremony.
In 1893 he was initiated into kriya yoga. As he lived in a student hostel, he had many constrains to practice kriya yoga. At midnight when his friends were in deep sleep, he used to take the chance to utilized the time for meditation.
Lahiri Baba blessed him and predicted that he has to do many works in kriya yoga. Between 1893-1895 he was blessed by Lahiri Mahasaya and his spiritual journey was accelerated, he was declared as Yogacharya of Kriya Yoga order at his age of 18 years only. It is a rare most history in kriya yoga that such an young man had been appointed as Yogacharya.
Lahiri Mahasaya entered into Mahasamadhi 26th-September-1895. Then after Pundit Panchanan Bhattacharya, one of the most advanced disciple of Lahiri Baba, came as the preceptor of Sanyal Mahasaya.
Sanyal Mahasaya married Kalidasi Devi in 1898 at his age of 21, though he had a strong personal desire to become a monk. The years between 1902 to 1909, he was in contact with Kabiguru Rabindranath Thakur. In a short time they came very near to each other with a relation of divine friendship. The Nobel laureate expressed his desire that Bhupendranath may take the charge of Brahmacharya Ashram at his new institution at Shantiniketan. Accordingly Sanyal Mahasaya took this charge and build up the Brahmacharya Ashram at Shantiniketan.
Bhupendranath was blessed with two sons and four daughters.
In the year 1910, he came to Puri, and in 1923 he established Gurudham. In 1924, he established another Ashram in Bhagalpur and he started expanding and teaching of kriya yoga from these centers. He was a very good writer; his explanation of Gita in the light of kriya yoga is a gift to Kriya World.
His wife passed away on 7th-November-1959 and Sanyal Mahasaya entered into Mahasamadhi on 18th-January-1962.