About HKDK

Hariharananda Kriya Yog Dhyan Kendra (HKDK) is a philanthropic assembly under the unbroken lineage of greatest Masters of Kriya Yog from Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj to Paramahamsa Hariharananda. We are extremely small, still we are trying to carry out the messages of international brotherhood and divine live, which is the only panacea for the ailing people of this aching earth. We are not an organization, nor a mission or an ashram either. We all are self contented, self sufficient persons in our fields as professionals, students, researchers etc. Our only aim is to learn, teach and propagate Kriya Yog and its top grade meditation to all cross sections of the society and the globe. The linage of the great Masters had this vision. HKDK emphasises on the top most quality of meditation practice. Meditation taught in Kriyayog is the most scientific and spiritual internal medicine which can help in obtaining a sound health, sharp memory and intelligence, extreme concentration, peace of mind and bliss of the soul. HKDK teaches the secrete techniques of Kriyayog meditation which ensures revealing generosity, nobleness, liberalisation, endurance, tolerance, love and kindness, forgiveness, perseverance, compassion and international brotherhood. Life will be complete, meaningful and divine through extreme spiritual development. HKDK helps you to grow and develop simultaneously so far as physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual status is concerned which makes a human successful in his/her worldly affairs. In the social life you shall be philanthropic person and in your spiritual journey you can experience self knowledge, good realization and unexplained taste of Samadhi. In this extreme despondent and dejected circumstances where self centeredness and malice have almost brought our civilization into the verge of destruction. HKDK has come up on a boon to save the globe from obvious destruction. The scientific and non dogmatic process of Kriyayog as taught by HKDK is easy to practice and has been accepted by all conscious philanthropic people of the entire world, all saints and sages of all religions, social scientists, political scientists and all cross section of the society. HKDK is committed for a big and divine change in this world.