About Kriya Yog

Kriya Yog and It’s Scope

Kriyayog is the ancient most science of soul culture, which the designer of this entire unique creation has very secretly and allegorically coupled with his design of creation, which consists of matter, energy and consciousness. Kriyayog is a complete, self explanatory, successful, fastest, easiest, safest, and surest and most scientific method of spiritual practice which is devoid of any show off.

By dint of your respiration you can search the source of all respiration, you can reach the source of life(maha / akanda pran) with the help of your life( khanda pran).You can experience that the life and the marvelous power of the almighty , which is all pervading. Kriyayog is non-sectarian as it is prehistoric. When there was no religion, no religious scriptures, no religious master, from then it existed.

You don’t have to leave anything to learn Kriyayog. Kriyayog is based on the practice of breath control. Kriyayog is specially designed for the householders only. The scientific techniques are to be practiced for a short while daily, because the householders do not have much time to spend for spiritual practice. The correct practice of Kriyayog for a short while can give you beautiful lustrous body, strong immunity towards disease, long life, sharp memory, strong tolerance, extreme concentration, pinpointed decision making ability, kindness, lovingness and brotherhood. Kriyayog is a strong tool for quickening the human evolution. The world is now called a global village. Everything has come closer due to scientific invention and discovery specially due to the information technology. But the human destiny is being challenged; human race is going through the greatest crisis ever in the history of the world. Spiritual moral revolution can only help in finding the solution. Yes Kriyayog can be the effective most medium to bring about this change. Darwin in his book “Origin of Species” has demonstrated gradual process of evolution of life on earth. This evolution is a continuous process from the primitive living organism to the latest and best form called human being. The presence of sensory and emotional mechanism, like mind , intellect, ego, psyche, consciousness etc has claimed human being to the best and supreme creation of the evolutionary path. Our body is confined to time and space but our spirit is eternal. Human life and incarnation is the rarest opportunity as it can be employed for the highest purpose of life called self realization by realizing the immortal spirit and the supreme soul, going beyond the limitation of time and space. For reaching the target of realization we are to utilize this wonderful human body instrument powered by the internal spirit. When we realize the essence of our self and understand that living entity and manifestation are the Cosmic Consciousness, then only we shall generate the unconditional love for everyone and any creature of this world. Kriyayog can only teach this intuitive meditation. This is the only richest, immortal and unique contribution made by our yogi and hrishi forefathers to the entire world. The ancient saints and yogis of Bharatbarsha had discovered that the effect of body on the brain is a slow process but the change caused by the brain on the body is an immediate process. Therefore the culture of brain and spine for the afferent function of the brain is an efferent mechanism, by causing a quickening of human evolution. Kriyayog only can save the world from the obvious destruction by quickening human evolutions.

Few Important Aspects on Yog

Yog is a Science, the greatest science of self realization; a series technique oriented series of practical approach. It is a technology
Yog is an art, the greatest art of soul culture
Yog is a complete set of life management and social management
Yog is not a commerce oriented tool. It is absolutely non-commercial