Mahavatar Babaji Bio


Kalpayogi, Mahavatar, Mahamuni, Budhua Baba, Kishun Baba, Shiva Baba, Tryambaka Baba or Babaji all these names are being very lovingly used to remember this greatest yogi of all the times. He was the guru, preceptor, guardian, friend, philosopher and father of Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya. Lahiribaba out of utmost respect and love used to remember his Gurudev as Babaji.
There are so many stories, facts and books regarding Babaji, which narrates that – where Babaji was born, what is his age, where he dwells in etc. But the fact is that Babaji is eternal, he was never born and neither shall he ever die. Because he is Mahakal, the infinite and exists even before creation and shall never be an end.
He is the direct descend of God, the one heavenly father, who is omnipresent and omnipotent. Some people, writers or authors inappropriately have termed him Incarnation of God. It is a mistake because, incarnation means born out of flesh and blood. But Mahavatar Babaji usually appears suddenly, self born and abiogenetic. The experiences of the great yogis says that he appears from an enormous energy of light and also disappears as a light only. He has appeared before many yogis in different appearance, but not two faces are alike. The usual picture of Babaji Maharaj that we see was drawn by the great artist and brother of Paramahamsa Yogananda, Shi Sananda Lal Ghosh. It is the wish and will of this highest spiritual masters to whom he shall reveal himself. If one reaches to the highest level of spiritual practice by dint of meditation, then only he may come to a close encounter with Babaji.
My Gurudev Paramahamsa Hariharanandaji had the rarest opportunity to meet him thrice in his life, as he explained, age of Babaji resembles almost that is in the picture but the facial appearance is different.
Shriyukteswarji, Hamsaswami Kevalananda, Brahmachari Keshavananda, Paramahamsa Pranavananda, Paramahamsa Yogananda had the opportunity of divine contacts with Babaji.

yadayada hi dharmasya
glanirbhavati bharata
abhuthanam adharmasya
tadatmanm srjanymaham
paritranaya sadhunam
vinasaya ca duskritam
sambhavami yuge yuge
–    Gita 4: 7,8

As it has been committed in Gita, the one heavenly father appears in the form of Babaji as the savior of the Humanity.