Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the relation of Kriyayog with mind?
A. The different and practical and scientific techniques of Kriyayog enable you to attain extreme concentration, tranquillity of mind, extreme perseverance and tolerance. Hence one can be the master of his/her mind.

Q. What is the relation of Kriyayog with education?
A. Kriyayog practice can produce good students having extreme concentration, sharp memory and marvellous intelligence. This is the way it helps in formal education.

Q. What is the relation of Kriyayog with economical condition?
A. As, Kriyayog has a relation with all round development of a human, like physical, mental, social and so many developments transforming a man into a complete human being. So these people are very successful in their life and profession, hence enjoy good economical condition.

Q. Can any business be organised with Kriyayog?
A. No, Kriyayog was never been a capital in business. Rather Kriyayog can teach a better management for business people.

Q. Can Kriyayog be learnt through distant education/ postal coaching or electronic or web based media?
A. You can hear the word Kriyayog or awareness regarding Kriyayog through the above medias. But, Kriyayog is a science, which has only to be learnt directly, secretly in a closed door from a realised Master or Yogacharya.

Q. Is there any school/ college/ university where Kriyayog is being taught?
A.As Kriyayog is a very secrete and sacred science and the learning process is not alike formal educational system. It has prehistoric and Vedic essence of teaching, which is a man to man, face to face mental and spiritual and knowledge transfer of knowledge. Hence it is not possible to teach it in an institution. But, the awareness of Kriyayog are taught indirectly in different institutions through the study of Patanjali’s Ashtangyog Sutra, Brahma Sutra, Shharadarshan and many other vedic scriptures.

Q. Is the meditation taught in Kriyayog a very special one?
A.Yes, the meditation taught in Kriyayog is the top most grade meditation.

Q. If someone is not initiated into Kriyayog, even though can he or she learn meditation?
A. There are so many meditations being taught apart from Kriya meditation. So before it is obvious before initiation, one can learn those meditations.

Q. Is it possible that, students/ workers/ officers/ managers/ labours/ teachers/ lawyers and doctors etc can practice meditation in group without or with learning the techniques of Kriyayog?
A. Yes, there are many pre-initiation techniques in Kriyayog and also meditation for concentration and tranquillity of mind, which can be practiced in individually or in group.

Q. Who is a Teacher/ Acharyya or Guru to teach Kriyayog?
A. One who has perfected in different stages of Kriya and then his/her Guru empowers him/her officially and installs him/her as a Yogacharya or Teacher, can work in the capacity of a Guru or Yogacharya.

Q. How can I come to know or search my mentor and Master in Kriyayog?
A. If you search very sincerely from the core of your heart the cosmic shall definitely sanction you a Master/ Guru to learn Kriyayog. Master then will provide you with mentor, if needed.

Q. Can one continue with his regular food habits as per his race, while learning Kriyayog?
A. Yes, your food is your food. So anything that is healthy and that suits your health can be consumed by you.

Q. What is the best age to start Kriyayog practice? A retire age or young age?
A. As early as possible. The earliest age to start is 13 years.

Q. How old is this system of Kriyayog on the globe?
A. Since creation, it is prehistoric, even pre-vedic.

Q. Who had taught this Kriyayog and to whom as per the lineage is concern?
A. In prehistoric age the Creator/ the Father taught this process of Kriyayog to Sun, Sun taught it to Manu, Manu taught it to Ikshaku. From Ikshaku it went to the Raj Rhishis. In recent past, Kalpayogi Babaji Maharaj taught it to Yogiraj Shri Shyamacharan Lahiri and through the unbroken lineage it went respectively to Shriyukteshwarji, Bhupendranath Sanyal Mahashay, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Swami Satyananda Giri and then to Paramahamsa Hariharananda Giri. The current Master of HKDK is a direct disciple of Paramahamsa Hariharananda Giri Maharaj and was mentored by other Masters as Yogacharya Shambhu Baba, Yogacharya Maya Maa etc. who too were direct disciples of Paramahamsa Hariharananda Giri Maharaj only. Of course there are many other unbroken branches also.

Q. What is Yog and what is Kriyayog?
A. Yog is grossly known to be union, to be connected with. There are many types of yog almost 108 types but the gross divisions are four in numbers. i.Hatha yog ii. Mantra yog iii. Raj yog iv. Loy yog Kriyayog is the refined most and scientific technique of soul culture which was introduce by the creator along with his creation. Kriyayog contains all most all the essence of other yog in to it. It is the process by which the individual soul gets marched with the supreme soul and hence the yogi can understand that the God is all pervading and omnipresent and he works through every living creation. KRI – means work and Ya – means indwelling soul.

Q. Is there any chance of harm or injury while learning Kriyayog?
A. Remember Kriyayog is a direct and practical teaching, which you are to learn from your Master. This is a harmless process, but if you learn it without a direct physical master it is always harmful.

Q. Does Kriyayog impose restriction in personal and marital life?
A. Kriyayog does not impose any restriction on personal or marital life. Rather it makes personal and marital life very meaningful and divine.

Q. In daily life how to does a student/doctor/banker/managers /writer/professor/lawyer/labour/ busy corporate etc are benefited out of practicing Kriyayog? A. The list of benefits are countless. Here one important benefits will be mentioned for every profession like Students will have concentration and good memory. Doctors will have penetrating clinical eyes for correct diagnosis. Corporate/Bank Managers will be more tolerant and be able to take pin pointed decision. Writer/ Poet will have more and more innovations and ideas. Professors and teachers will have more knowledge to impart teaching. Layers will have better argument skill. Labors will have better health to fight.

Q. Whether Kriyayog is sectarian?
A. No, it is non sectarian, as it is prehistoric science. Kriyayog can help people to come out of the bondage of casts, creeds, sects and religions. Kriyayog is a concept of one nation one world.