Shri Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya Bio


“Shyamacharan come here”.

The point where one ends his life, it starts again from that point only in his next life.
So was the fact, a simple house holder working as a clerk in the Public Work’s Department of Military Engineering Works at Gajipur got transferred to Ranikhet at foothills of Himalayas. While passing through the lonely area he was called by his Guru who was waiting for his disciple’s new life to come. Till then he did not know that who was this saint and why he is calling him in a cave. The saint asked Shyamacharan whether he can remember the place if ever he has visited or the tiger skin or the pot of water those were lying there? When the saint i.e. Babaji Maharaj touched his head the memories of his past life came in front of his eyes. He could recognize his guru and water started pouring down his cheeks.
This is not only the turning point in the life of Shyamacharan but a turning point for the entire human race of this globe. December 1861 Lahiri Baba was Initiated by Babaji and by 15th January 1862 Babaji taught him the remaining parts of the science of soul culture and Lahiri Baba was made an accomplished yogi of the highest order.
Lahiri Mahasaya did not want to come back to the house to the mundane world, he wanted to be with his Guru. But Babaji instructed him to go back to his normal daily works and teach and preach this marvelous system of self realisation to the house holders. Babaji expressed that the house holders in spite of being the real bearers of keeping the creation processes of God to be continuing, are deprived from God realisation. They are suffering with the worldly sorrows and pains and crying for salvation. So by the law of the nature, the savior has come forward with utmost compassion to free the house holder from the bondage of human life cycle.
Babaji specially designed this highly specially specialized system of sadhana for the house holders only- which he termed as “Kriya Yoga”. So he was extremely kind enough to select Shyamacharan, a house holder, as the Bhagirath of Kriya Ganga which shall flow, till there shall remain God’s creation by the help of the house holders. House holders (grihi) are the torch bearer of kriya yoga, rather kriya yoga is for the grihis- of the grihis and by the grihis.
Shyamacharan was born on Tuesday, the 30th September 1828, in a village name Ghurni in Nadia, West Bengal, India. His mother Muktakeshi Devi left for her heavenly abode when he was only 5 years of age. His father Gourmohan left his native place and went to Varanashi with Shyamacharan to live there. He was admitted into Jaynarayan English School. At the age of 12 he entered into Government Sanskrit Collegiate School, later this school turned into a college and he studied there till 1848. Apart from Bengali and English languages he knew Hindi, French, Urdu and Sanskrit too. At his age of 18, when he was a college student, he got married with Kashimoni Devi in the year 1846.
At his age of 23, in the year 1861, he joined Public Work’s Department of Military Engineering Works. In 1862 he lost his father Gourmohan.
Shyamacharan was a very active man and used to do many social works. He established the Bangalitola School. His entire life was a process of spiritual practice, preaching and teaching. He entered into Mahasamadhi on 26 September 1895.
His prominent disciples were Pundit Panchanan Bhattacharya, Swami Shriyukteswar Giri, Paramahamsa Pranabananda, Swami Kevalananda, Brahmachari Keshavananda, Shrimat Bhupendranath Sanyal and both of his sons Tinkori and Dukori Lahiri.