Spiritual Diary

SPIRITUAL DIARY It is most confidential diary which has to be preserved very carefully. Only the Master can see the diary. Apart from the disciple personal data it contains many points like:

a) Life sketches of the Guru lineage
b) Important advices of the Lineage of Gurus
c) The Kriya oth
d) The does & don’t does
e) FAQs
f) Steps of different stages of Kriya Sequence
g) Daily assessment of the practice of kriya by the student
h) Daily important Prayer
i) Guru pranam mantra
j) Important vedic chants
k) Important dates to remember
l) Important time and dates for meditation
m) Songs for meditation
n) Few feverite songs of Paramhamsha hariharanandaji maharaj The dedicated session of the seminar will draw a defueled picture of the format of disciple assessment in a in-depth manner regarding S.d. and through .