“Every work is an opportunity to worship the divine.” So said Swami Satyananda and practiced with love the same. His life was an unending worship of the divine.
His name was Monmohan Mazumdar. He was born on 17th November 1896. His father’s name was Mohini Mohan Mazumdar and mother’s name was Tarabhasini Debi. His birth place was Bikrampur, now in Bangladesh. People used to call him Kandu.
Father Mohini Mohan was the founder of Deaf and Dumb School in Calcutta which is next door to 4, Garpar Road, the house of Paramahamsa Yogananda.A father’s example of service to humanity surely had inspired Satyananda to be a selfless serviceful person in his entire life. The family of Mohini Mohan used to dwell there only and this was perhaps a divine connection, between Yogananda and Satyananda.
Monmohan had his Sanskrit tuition from Swami Kevalananda.
In the year 1911, Monmohan came in divine contact with Shri Yukteswarji as his Guru.
During 1917, he helped Swami Yogananda to set up a residential school with strict discipline at Ranchi which later on developed as an ashram.
He was graduated with honours from Calcutta University.
In the year 1919, he was initiated into the monastic order of Giri tradition and his name was Swami Satyananda Giri. His wish of childhood to become a sanyasi was fulfilled.
Gandhiji was impressed by the service, Satyananda used to give at Ranchi ashram. Gandhiji invited Satyananda to visit Sabarmati ashram. In the year 1927, he went to Sabarmati ashram and stayed there for a long period.
Satyanandaji then stayed at Karar ashram at Puri with his Guru Shriyukteswarji. In March 1936 Shriyukteswarji entered into Mahasamadhi.
By 1940, the works of Satyanandaji in the ashram was reduced and then, he started the life of a wandering monk.
He travelled extensively throughout India as an apostle of Kriya Yoga. Thousands of people became inspired into Kriya Yoga by him.
He met Hrishi Ramana in South India during his period of wandering. Hrishi wanted him to stay at his ashram but Satyananda humbly declined the proposal.
The great famine of Bengal during 1944 made Satyananda cry for the ailing people. He jumped in to service of the aching humanity. He selected a very underdeveloped area, Jhargram, in Midnapur, West Bengal, India. He founded Sevayatan Satsang Mission and sacrificed the remaining part of his life between 1944 to 1971 for the service of mankind and propagation of Kriya Yoga.
He was a very good writer, poet, singer, music composer and an extraordinary teacher. Satyanandaji entered into Mahasamadhi on 2nd August 1971.